Since at the age of 12 to 15 years, by means of sabbath school lessons that theologians and leaders of the seventh-day adventist church always prepared, every quarter, for the members to study daily, I started to teach the Bible to people of the church who cannot read, in my community. It was that way that I started serving the church during the 6th decade of the last century. I went through all the stages of leadership by which the church is functioning ; until in 1972, I had only 24 years of age, when they laid hands on me that consecrated me to serve as Bishop or Elder in the church. At that time, I had 3 churches at my responsibility, in order to teach, to nourish spiritually once a month, and to administer the Holy Communion to members every quarter.

Therefore it is clear that I have more than 50 years since I am studying the Bible profoundly, and since I am preaching the word of God. That can contribute to prove also my faithful and assiduous commitment in the research of the truth. Subsequently, unlike my fellow brothers and sisters in the church, I stop being content to study the Bible just to support or to defend the doctrine that they inculcate me, and the teaching that they give me; in preference I begin to study in order to thoroughly attest and verify the soundness of the doctrine, in order to find the truth, the real truth for this moment, that can enlighten and liberate me in this present time and circumstance; as Jesus wish it in his word. Because of the intensity of my curiosity for the cause and reason of everything, I am always trying to deeply understanding the truth in every domain possible ; because all truth is the truth of God, the creator of the universe. Because of my talent of predicator, my constant studies and persistent researches, I attain to discover that the Bible is a book that is truly written in both sides, meaning inside and outside ; and after all the Bible is a double-edged sword, very effective to solve both material and spiritual problems, at the same time. But that depend if the predicators are concerned; if the predicators have the sense of responsibility that would compel them to make some effort in order to better understand what that mean the good news of Jesus Christ, and all the scope of the good news of Jesus Christ; and that would compel them to make some effort in order to better understand the predominance, the priority of the new covenant, that repeal and replace the old one completely ; that would motivate them to teach the renovated word of God with intelligence and with wisdom. In order to share the discoveries that I already made by my long and persistent researches of the truth, I wrote and published 2 books, since more than 18 years ago.   

After that the Lord has allowed me to enter with my wife in United Estate, in 1976, I passed several years teaching as Elder at Hebron Church in Brooklyn, N-Y ; afterwards, I passed several more years serving as the First Elder of Eden Church in Miami, Florida. In 2007, despite pastor and church members beseeched me to continue serving among them, voluntarily I stopped preaching in the Church. I feel motivated to preach and to teach the present truth that can help men and women face effectively the real and actual problems of life ; not imaginary problem, not future or eventual problem, that dreams or nightmare produce in people mind when they are sleeping ; but me, I am preaching and teaching the present truth that can help people face effectively the real and actual problem in their life ; while they are waiting <for the blessed hope, the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.> If you read Jer. 14 : 14 you will discover that the Lord tell us clearly that a lot of horrifying and frightened prophecies that we are preaching, they are deceptions or illusion of human heart. And there are a lot of other biblical passages that put us on our guard against those false prophecies that provoke mental trouble, and keep us from enjoying the peace that Jesus gave us.

My goal is to make known to everybody that I can reach, that the new covenant and the good news of Jesus Christ change the old manner people used to observe the Bible to an observation flexible, accommodating, easy-going and compatible with every reality of life, and most off all with the particular situation of every person. It is in order for me to amply publish this new system of adaptable observance that I make of my ministry a formal and accessible enterprise to everybody with this Website: www.lucflorestalministry.com In  Jeremiah 31: 31 to 34, the Lord had promised a new covenant that was going to eliminate the doctrine of observation textual and rigid, the doctrine of observation painful, hard to satisfy and personally disadvantageous. (See Col. 2: 14). When Jesus Christ came on earth in order to accomplish the promise of changing the doctrine that his father made, he revealed to us that it is not for the glory of God, it is not to serve God nor Him, that it is not in God advantage that we must observe the Bible; in contrary, it is in our own advantage, for our physical well-being, for our conveniences, exclusively, that we must observe the Bible, according to our ability or capability, according to the reality of life and most of all according to our personal situation. It is for that reason That the Master said that he doesn’t take pleasure in sacrifice. That means that Jesus doesn’t take pleasure when we are subject ourselves to torture in order to observe the Bible literally ; that means that he doesn’t take pleasure when we let the observation of the laws submit us to slow and life long martyrdom, and block our progress in life. It is on the basis that Jesus doesn’t take pleasure in sacrifice that he said :<For my yoke is easy and my burden is light>; and it is on this basis that is laid the vast and altruistic concept of freedom in Christ. Therefore, this message of freedom in Christ, this message of adaptable and flexible observance; this message of observance as we can, that I am transmitting you now, those messages are completely and amply supported by God and by Jesus. (For verification, read the following passages: Matt. 9: 13,Matt. 11: 30,  2 Cor. 3: 17,  Gal. 5: 1 and Luc4:18).                                                                                                                       The reason that make Jesus alleviate and free his doctrinal observation of constraint; the reason that make Jesus give us doctrinal freedom, it is because he knows that we will never have power on the unstable, multiple et changeable realities of life. The reality of life doesn’t take birth nor order from the Bible; and the reality of life is not dependable on the Bible. In other words, the Bible doesn’t power on reality. In contrary, through all human history, it is always the reality of life that influence and command the biblical interpretation. The reality is autonomous, intransigent and unavoidable; the reality (come from so far) is so remote, it is so imposing that one would say that it is supernatural, that mean, it is divine or satanic. The only tool we can use in order to thread our way keenly and victoriously in the present reality, is christian wisdom and intelligence. Therefore, it is not the reality of life that have to conform itself to the biblical interpretation nor to the biblical observation; it is the biblical interpretation, the biblical observation that have to conform itself to the reality of life; but that must always be done within the framework of God’s love, morale and justice. It is that kind of possibilities and optional adaptation that can render our devotions authentic, without heartbreak and without formalism and hypocrisy. As I said before, it is that reason that Jesus let us know that he doesn’t take pleasure in sacrifice ; it is on that basis that make him say: <that his joke is easy and his burden is light> ; and it is also on that basis that the great, vast and kindly concept of freedom in Christ stand. 

This ministry has more than 50 years since it is taking shape in a close circle and scope, in the midst of 7th day Adventist Church, in Haiti, New York and Florida. But it is in June 2007, with a Radio Station that I established in Lascahobas, Haiti, that this ministry started to emancipate itself from a doctrinal, denominational, partisan and proud frame or box of distinction, based on the old covenant; in order to reach every layer of society and to consider the real, not the fake, not the imaginary problems that come under the guise of prophecies that have to be fulfilled on an infinitely uncertain time; but the real and urgent problems of mankind, in general.

This website is a huge source of information on present truths; this website takes the determination to bring to evidence and to implement the following religious declaration that all of us, theologians, pastors, laymen and women always like to repeat with satisfaction: <The divine revelation of truth is progressive>. Nevertheless we keep defending the ancient status quo; we feel comfortable with the old things that are already passed ; because of that, we always revolt against new divine revelations; we always revolt against new light, the same way that the Jewish people used to revolt against the new lights of Jesus Christ, that could effectively liberate them from the old things that are already passed. In the present time, it is this website that will help us conforming our religious observations with the judicious and beneficial idea that <the revelation of God is progressive>. It is time, for us, to stop repeating that phrase as a vain theory, purely and simply. If we have practiced that belief effectively, it would facilitate our spiritual progress, in this world that is moving and changing constantly.  

You will find 100 to 120 amazing sermons in this website ; when you finish to hear them, if you would like to help me to transmit them by radio in Miami, Florida, in order to make them known to more people, here is how you can contribute to the propagation of these present truths : Send checks on the following name : ECHO OF CHRISTIAN INTELLIGENCE AND WISDOM, INC., or on : EOCIAW; that is the acronym of the CORPORATIOn. Here is my address : Luc Florestal P.O. BOX 641111 Miami FL. 33164. You can make DIRECT DEPOSIT ON THE FOLLOWING BANK ACCOUNT : TD BANK, routing number : 067014822, account number : 4380299127, checking. Yo can contact me on the following E-Mail : soulroadmap@yahoo.com  It will not be easy for us to communicate oraly by phone, but you can send me text on the following number : 305-690-8764. Thank you very much because you take time to listen to my messages. May God bless you in your research of the truth.

Luc Florestal


Luc Florestal

Depuis a l’age de 12 a 15 zan, à travers des leçons de l’école du sabbat, ke des leaders theologiens des adventistes du 7e jour toujou preparé, chak trimestre, pour étude quotidienne des membres de l’église, mwen te comansé ap enseigné la Bible à moune ki pa conn li nan entourage mwen. Se consa ke-m te comansé servi l’eglise-la vers les années 60. Mwen passé toutt echelon de leadership ki gin yin nan l’église-la juskaské an 1972, mwen te gin yin seulman 24 tran d’âge, mwen te recevoi imposition des mains ki té consacré mwen comme ancien d’église ; sa vle di comme evèque, oubien bishop oubien elder, comme yo di en anglais. Nan epoque saa, mwen te gin yin 3 l’eglise sou compte mwen poum te nourri spirituelman une fois par mois et poum te administré la sainte cène chak trimestre ; parské pasteur itinéran-an conn gin yin min-m yon vingtaine d’eglise sou compte-li ; sa fê li conn passé plu-s ke 2 zan sans li pacapab visité l’eglise sayo.

Donc li clair ke mwen gin yin plu-s ke 50 tan dans l’etude de la Bible, dans la predication de la parole de Dieu, et dans la recherche sérieuse et assidue de la verité. Aprê yon certain tan, contraireman à coreligionnaires mwen yo, frères et sœurs nan la foi mwen yo, mwen cessé de contenté-m ap étudié la Bible seulman poum supporté oubien poum defann doctrine yo inkulké-m yo, enseigneman yo ban mwen yo ; de preference mwen te meté-m à l’étude poum capab approfondi et vérifié bien-fondé doctrine nan ; de fasson poum joinn la verité, la vraie vérité de l’heure, ki capab éclairé-m et ki capab liberé-m effectiveman nan circonstances et nan moman prezan yo, jan maitre-la souhaité yia nan parole-li. Curiosité mwen fê-m toujou ap approfondi la vérité nan toutt domaine possible ; parské toutt verité se verité Bon Dieu ki créé univers yia. Avec mon talent de prédicateur, mes études et mes recherches assidues et constantes, mwen rivé decouvri ke la Bible se yon livre ki vrêman ecri en dedans et en dehors ; et ke la Bible se yon épée à 2 tranchants, trê efficace pou resoudre ni problem spirituel ni problem materiel en même temps. Min se si prédicateur yo ta concerné ; se si yo ta gin yin le sens de responsabilité pou yo ta cherché bien comprann toute la portée de la bonne nouvelle de J-C, sa sa vle di la bonne nouvelle de J-C ; et pou yo ta bien comprann prééminence, priorité nouvelle alliance-la, ki annullé et remplacé ancienne alliance-la complèteman ; de fasson pou yo ta enseigné la parole renouvelée de Dieu avec sagesse et intelligence. Poum te capab partagé decouverte ke-m fê dans mes longues et approfondies recherches de la verité, mwen ecri et publiyié 2 ouvrages, depuis plus de 18 ans de sa.

Aprê ke Bon Dieu te permê-t mwen entré avec madanm mwen aux Etats Unis, en 1976, mwen passé des années ap enseigné comme ancien nan l’eglise d’Hebron à Brooklyn, N-Y ; dans la suite mwen passé des années ap enseigné en qualité de premier ancien, nan l’eglise d’Eden à Miami, Florida. En 2007, malgré supplication ke pasteur et ampil nan membre d’eglise mwen yo te adressé mwen, volontaireman mwen suspann servir anndan l’eglise ; mwen senti yon motivation poum prêché et enseigné la verité presente ki capab aidé moune yo fê face efficaceman au problem actuel et réel de la vie ; se pa à problem imaginaire non, se pa à problem futur ou eventuel non, ke rêve oubien cauchemar moune fê nan dormi produi non, min mwen-minm, map preché et enseigné verité presente ki capab aidé moune fê face efficaceman au problem actuel et réel nan la vie yia ; en attendant l’accomplisseman de la bienheureuse espérance. Si nou li Jer. 14 : 14 nap decouvri ke l’Eternel di nou clairman ke ampil nan prophetie effroyable et effrayante nap preché yo, se tromperie oubien illusion cœur des hommes yo yié. Et gin yin ampil lott passages bibliques ki meté nou en garde contre fausse prophetie sayo ki provoqué   trouble mental, et ki empeché nou joui de la paix ke J-C bay-la.

Objectif mwen se poum fê connin à toutt moune ke mwen capab atteindre ke la nouvelle alliance et la bonne nouvelle de J-C changé l’ancienne manière moune te conn obsevervé la Bible à yon observation flexible, accommodante et compatible avec toutes realités de la vie, et surtout avec situation individuel de toutt moune en particulier.  Se poum capable publié ampleman nouvo system d’observance adaptable saa ki fê mwen rann ministère mwen formel et accessible à toutt moune avec SITE INTERNET saa: www.lucflorestalministry.com Nan Jérémie 31: 31 à 34 l’Eternel te promê-t yon nouvelle alliance ki ta pral eliminé doctrine d’observation textuelle et rigide-la, doctrine d’observation pénible, exigeante et desavantageuse-la. (Voir Col. 2 : 14). JésusChrist min-m, lê li vini sou la terre poul accompli promesse de changeman doctrinal ke papal te fê yia, li revelé nou ke se pa pou la gloire de Dieu,  ke se pa pou servi ni li min-m ni Bon Dieu, ke se pa nan avantage Bon Dieu ke nou doué observé la Bible ; au contraire se nan avantage panou, se pou bien-être physique nou, pou confort nou, exclusiveman, pou nou observé la Bible jan nou capable, daprê realité la vie yia et surtout daprê situation personnelle nou. Se raison saa ki  fê maître-la di ke li pa pran plêzi nan sacrifice ; sa vle di ke Jesus pa pran plêzi lê  nap torturé tête nou pou nou observé la Bible à la lettre ; sa vle di ke Jesus pa pran plêzi lê nou servi avec observation de la loi comme yon instruman de supplice pou nou martyrisé tête nou lenteman, durant toutt existence nou et empêtré fonctionneman nou nan la vie. Maitre-la di ke <li pa pran plezi nan sacrifice>  ; se raison saa ki fe li di ke son joug est doux et son fardeau leger; et se sou base saa tou ke vaste et bienveillant concept de liberte en Christ-la chita. Donc message de liberte en Christ saa, message d’observation adaptable et flexible saa, message d’observation la Bible jan nou capab-la ke map transmett nou laa, message sayo complettman appuyie et ampleman supporte ni par l’Eternel ni par Jesus Christ. (Pour verification, lisez les passage suivants: Matt. 9: 13, Matt. 11: 30, 2 Cor. 3: 17, Gal. 5: 1, Jean 3: 8 et Luc 4: 18). 

Raison ki  fê J-C allegé et adouci observation doctrinal-la, raison ki  fê J-C banou liberté doctrinal-la, se parské li connin ke nou pap janm gin yin pouvoi sou les realités instables, multiples et changeantes de la vie. La realité de la vie pa pran ni naissance ni l’ordre de la Bible ; et la realité de la vie pa depann de la Bible.  En d’autres termes, la Bible pa gin yin pouvoir sou la realité. Au contraire, à travers les âges, se toujou la realité de la vie ki influencé et ki commandé l’interpretation biblique. La realité est autonome, intransigeante et inévitable ; li telman sorti loin, li telman imposante qu’on pourrait dire qu’elle est surnaturelle, c’est-à-dire divine ou satanique. Seul zouti nou capab utilizé pour nou faufilé adroiteman et victorieuseman dans la realité présente, se la sagesse et l’intelligence chrétiennes. Donc se pa la realité de la vie ki pou conformé li ni à l’interpretation ni à l’observation biblique ; se l’interpretation biblique, se l’observation biblique ki pou conformé-li à la realité de la vie ; min toujou dans le cadre de l’amour, de la morale et de la justice de Dieu. Se possibilité d’adaptation facultative sayo ki capab rann dévotion nouyo authentique, sans crève-cœur, sans formalisme et sans hypocrisie. Comme mwen di plus ro-a, se raison saa ki  fê J-C di ke li pa pran plaisir nan sacrifice ; se sou base saa ki  fê li di ke son joug est doux et son fardeau léger ; et se sou base saa tou ke grand, vaste et bienveillant concepte de liberté en Christ-la chita.

Ministère saa gin yin plu-s ke 50 tan depuis li ap pran forme nan yon cadre fermé, au sein des églises adventistes du 7e jour, en Haïti, à New York et en Floride, U.S.A. Min se en Juin 2007, avec yon Station de Radio ke mwen implanté nan Lascahobas, Haïti, ke ministère saa te comansé émancipé-li de yon cadre oubien de yon boite doctrinale denominationnelle, partisane et orgueilleuseman distinctive, basée sou ancienne alliance-la, de fasson poul capab atteindre toute couche sociale et poul envisagé les problèmes réels, pas les faux problèmes non, pas les problèmes imaginaires non, ki vini sous forme de prophéties non, ki gin pou accompli nan yon tan aléatoire et infiniman ultérieur non ; mais les problèmes réels, actuels  et pressants moune en général.

Site Internet saa, se yon source immense d’information sur des verities présentes; Site Internet saa pran determination poul meté en evidence et poul meté en application la declaration religieuse suivante-la, ke nou toutt, theologiens, pasteurs et laics toujou ap repeté allègreman : . Pourtant nou toujou ap defann à tue-tête le statu quo millénaire; nou senti nou confortable avec les choses anciennes qui sont déjà passées ; à cause de sa, nou toujour revolté contre les nouvelles révélations divines; nou toujour révolté contre les nouvelles lumières, minm jan juif yo te conn revolté contre les nouvelles lumière de J-C ki ta capab libéré yo effectiveman des choses anciennes qui sont passées.  Nan tan panou-an, se Site Internet saa ki ap permêtt nou conformé observation religieuse nou yo avec l’idée judicieuse et bienfaisante ke . Counié yia, lê yia rivé pou nou suspann repeté phrase saa cou ouê yon vaine theory, pureman et simpleman. Si nou te pratiqué croyance saa effectiveman, se sa ki ta va facilité progrès  spirituel nou, dans ce monde ki ap bougé et ki ap changé constamman.

Nou gin pou nou joinn 100 à 120 messages surprenants nan Site Internet saa ; lê nou fi-n tandé yo, si nou ta rinmin aidé-m transmêtt yo sou Radios haïtien à Miami, Florida, pou plu-s lott moune capab tandé yo, min coman nap capab contribué avec mwen nan propagation de la verité présente saa.  Si nap voyé chèque, se pou nou voyé li sou nom suivan-an : ECHO OF CHRISTIAN INTELLIGENCE AND WISDOM, INC. Pou simplifié tache-la pou nou, nou capab   seulman ecri sou chèk-la : EOCIAW, ki se sigle corporation-an. Min adresse Boite postale Corporation-an : Luc Florestal P.O. Box 641111 Miami FL. 33164. Nou gin droi fê direct deposit tou sou numero compte saa : TD BANK’s routing number : 067014822 ; Account number : 4380299127, checking. Nou capab contacté mwen sou Email suivan-an : soulroadmap@yahoo.com  Li pap facile pou nou communiqué oralman sou telephone, min nou capab voyé texte message ban mwen sou numero suivan-an : 305-690-8764. Ni message saa, ni information saa, yo pa seulman à l’oral, nap joinn yo ecri egaleman nan Facebook et nan Site Internet-la.  Merci grandeman de ce ke nou pran tan pou nou tandé message yo.  Ke Bon Dieu beni nou dans la recherche de la vérité, pou nou capab rivé decouvri Bon Dieu un peu plus.